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Was fun and explained so even I could understand-😀

6 hour tax sale class

This 6 hour, as apposed to 3, is much less stressful and more conducive to learning. Very enlightening and less stressful. Thanks for the valuable information.

This is a great class!!! Thanks Denise...

I really enjoyed this class! Denise does a great job in presenting the material in which is thoroughly detailed in its content. I highly recommend this class.

Great Course!

I wanted to go to the course to get some info for the new changes just happened in Alabama, but it turned out to be an eye opening experience - I gained a lot of knowledge that will make this tax sale season the best ever!
Thank you, Denise!

Intro to Tax sale investing

Great content! I have done over 20 deals just from reading her book. Worth every penny.


My fear of investing in Alabama Tax Sale properties is over. Denise Evans with Butler Evans Education couldn’t have made this process easier. The content, her delivery, and knowledge are simply nothing short of amazing. So, amazing that as I type this review my email inbox is flooded with “price notices” from the Alabama Department of Revenue. Denise provides coach-like guidance to breakdown that barrier of fear that may be present and equips her students with an arsenal of knowledge. Only question I had after attending this course was, “Why did it take me so long to invest in myself/future”? Denise Evans with Butler Evans Education is an awesome educator, investor and person!!!

Alabama Tax Sales Mastermind!!!

When the key factor is “KNOWLEDGE” every product that Butler Education provides on this website is vital to starting the journey dealing with Alabama Tax Sales. Denise Evans w/ Butler Evans Education has found the right mixture to increase students knowledge base no matter what stage/level they’re at in investing. The products that I personally purchased were the Intro to Alabama Tax Sales, Alabama Tax Sales Book, and Possession, Ejectment, and Quieting Title Video. Might have been a little over kill for getting the beginner Intro course due to my years of experience, but I needed to start from the ground floor which the Intro course completely accomplished that task. If you are looking for a Coach/Guru/Mastermind/Professional, which I have never, heard Denise self proclaim herself as being such. You are in the right place!!! Denise has a wealth of information and is willing to take phone calls to clear things up that you may not understand.

Expert Information

Denise is an expert in tax property education. Highly recommend!

New investor

I was hungry to learn more and get started in tax sales. This book has given me the confidence to act and feel confident I am doing it the right and legal way. GREAT BOOK!!!

Great class. Very informative.

Great Information !

The class provided a wealth of information needed to properly navigate through Alabama Tax Sales.

Awesome Class

This was my second class with Denise and it was just as awesome as the other class. She will answer your questions and respond to your emails afterwards. I will definately sign up for more classes in the future.

Nice service

Very informative

The course was very informative and gave great examples of how to improve our practices for property management.

Incredibly informative and quite entertaining!

Wow. This book had it all: an interesting subject matter, the potential to turn information into a profitable venture, and really solid writing. It’s bizarre to say this about a book about tax liens, but Denise’s writing actually had me wanting to turn the read page and read on.

Highly recommended!

Tax Property

Excellent, Excellent, more Excellent! From the audio introduction, to her book Alabama Tax Sales, to her being so open and accessible to answer follow up questions...Denise is AMAZING!.
Im currently using and benefiting from what I've learned thru Denise Evans Education.

Thanks for very nice review! BTW, while I'm proud that I personally have such terrific name reputation, my company is actually called Butler Evans Education:)
Excellent Referee

Denise Evans' referee service was excellent. I highly recommend her. If you're up against a bank or a cut-throat hedge fund lawyer, she will help you navigate the process. If you've kept good records & done your part, Denise Evans will help deliver a favorable outcome. She's clever, diligent, fun and very easy to work with.

Very Helpful information

Denise gave some great information and was very helpful with all of her knowledge. Looking forward to the advanced classes.

Tax strategies

This class offers a lot of valuable information. Denise Evans has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. I recommend it for any real estate investor.

Worth it

Denise is one of, if not the premiere expert on AL Tax Sales. This was an exceptional class.

Fantastic Introduction

After reading Denise's Tax Sales book, the content and Q&A in this class answered all of my questions regarding AL Tax Sales. This is all the boot camp you need to get you up to speed quickly.

Intro tax sales

This class was very informational and worth the money!!

It Literally Pays For Itself

I have been eyeing this book for a while, but was afraid to purchase it out of fear that it wouldn't be what I needed, but I'm glad that I took a chance. This is a resource document that keeps on giving and to my delight, it provides forms for you to use with the proper legal jargon (that's super important). But, the book is in layman's terms, so no need to fret about not understanding. Honestly, for me, purchasing tax sale properties can be an intimidating process, but when you're armed with facts and case law to boot, the process becomes a lot easier. Thankfully, this book has already paid for itself MANY times over, so buy it. You won't regret this purchase.

CE Class

This class was great! Full of relevant information geared towards property management. Denise Evans is one of the best instructors who keeps you engaged in the topic.


I have stated before that if your goal is to gain information that will be beneficial with not only being updated with any Real Estate law changes, but increase relevant knowledge in property management, Denise Evans is one of the best. We just concluded classes with her last week and my opinion has not changed- except that she probably is the best.