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Landlord-Tenant Law

Great course. Presenter was very helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks!


Denise's help and knowledge of real estate saved me over $50,000. I highly recommend Denise. Money well spent!!!


Enjoyed the class was vary informative.

Alabama Tax Sale Investing Video

This Video by Ms. Evans is excellent and very detailed. It answered almost all of my question pertaining to the Tax Sale Auction Process in Alabama. In my opinion this is a must watch video for anyone who wants to learn how to enter and safely explore the Alabama Tax Sales Auction field.

Very Informative class

This class was amazing . The information was broken down into simple steps . I feel well equipped to begin the process on my own.


Intro: Tax Sales in Alabama

Very Resourceful & Valuable Information

This video gave me a clear understanding of my rights and limitations of taking possession of tax sale properties. She gives you steps, to legally take possession of a tax sale property, once you receive your tax lien certificate. I recommend anyone who's interested in investing in Alabama tax sale properties, purchase this course. It'll save a lot of time and help you avoid tons of incorrect and misleading information about possessing tax sale properties in Alabama. I'm happy I purchased this video and so will you!

Jeremy Love
Birmingham, Alabama


Very Informational, significant level of detail.

The Best Money I’ve Spent this Year

I hired Denise to do some consultation concerning a tax deed property. She has been helpful, quick, knowledgeable, and honest to the utmost degree. The fee she charged, in my opinion, was well below the value she added by giving me confidence as an investor and helping me to avoid mistakes I surely would have made. If you are considering anyone else for services you could otherwise get from Denise, I strongly urge you to reconsider and save money by using quality service the first time. I will certainly be a repeat customer!

dodged a bullet


I would have lost a lot of money if i hadn't talk with you first, Your information was spot on, as always.

Thank you

Outstanding work.

For those that are needed a Referee - you already know what they do, and how much you are paying your attorney an hour. But to have someone handle this from start to finish with very little involvement with the attorney was a breath of fresh air and an ease to my wallet. Denise is a worth every dime she charged.
She kept me well informed, was quick on turn around, and got us the number we wanted - I know the other side wished they had her.
Denise knows the law very well and can push back with case law to move the ball down the field. And I got useful information for next time

I am more than pleased and can highly recommend her services.

Quieting Title

Great information, informative, and easy to understand!

Denise Evans real estate

I took both intro to tax and quiet title. Both classes were taught in a manner which info was easy to obtain. There was plenty time for questions and dialogue with real world application. I was actually able to use some of what I learned since in a business transaction! Definitely worth the time and . I am certain to take some more classes!


Great Class


Quieting Title


Quieting Title Video

Unbelievable Referee!

I recently hired Denise to be my referee for Tax Deed Redemption arbitration. There really is no way for me to convey in words the amazing job she did. I was blown away by her knowledge of the law and property tax redemption procedures as well as her professionalism and tenacity. Her extensive background and experience was obvious immediately and the tact she showed while dealing with people not familiar with redemption protocol was impressive. Having someone with so much experience and determination, like Denise, is so valuable. She went above and beyond in getting this case resolved. I would hire her again without question to help me with any property tax situation or redemption issue I might face. She is, without a doubt, THE authority in Tax Sale Investing in the state! Thank you Denise!

Amazing Class!

As like all the other classes offered by Butler Evans Education, the Quieting Title class was packed with amazing content and was very informative! Denise's expertise in law AND real estate investing is invaluable and makes learning the in's and out's of investing so much easier and interesting. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in investing in tax deeds and real estate in general!

Alabama Tax Deeds

Mrs. Denise is awesome! I was recently enrolled in her CLE class and I learned so much. She answered every question very thorough. She’s my go to girl! She also helped me to save thousands of dollars after almost being screwed over. If you have a question, she has the answer. Thanks again Denise!

Intro: Tax Sales in Alabama

The content, organization, and presentation of Denise’s introductory course on Alabama tax sales is superb. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Alabama tax sale investments.

Focused Updated Information

I found this class to be very informative, useful, and presented in a very relatable way. Great information I will use!


Alabama Tax Sale Investing (Book)

Great Class

I learned a lot. I recommend every class that she offers.

Quieting the Title

This class is excellent. Denise enables you to financially benefit from the tax sale properties you have invested in. This course is much cheaper than hiring a lawyer to advise you on what to do with the deed you have received, especially since most lawyers are not current on the tax sale code.

Quieting Title

Excellent class....learned a lot


Very informative.


Article: Redemption Time Line (Alabama)


I will continue to attend Denise Evans educational classes! They are very informative with useful information that you can take back to the office and apply immediately. She communicates in a manner that allows you to retain the information that you are learning. She is always willing to answer any questions that you may have no matter how big or small. I appreciate Denise Evans and her ability to keep me on track with my business.

Wonderful Seminar!!

Very Informative, would recommend to anyone who plan on investing in tax properties!!

Excellent Class

Recently attended Denise's Property Tax class and was very impressed! Wonderful content and great communication. I highly recommend it!

Risk Management

Great class, Instructor is very knowledgable on all topics related to risk and Landlord Tenant law.



Risk Management for Property Managers Seminar


Tax Sales and Possession Video (Alabama)



Tax Certificate/Deed Consulting

The information that I received from Denise was very valuable and I believe will save me thousands of dollars. The education that I received from Denise regarding tax certificates/deeds was more detailed and extensive than information that I received from attorneys whom I previously worked with. I feel more confident in purchasing delinquent tax property. I expect to utilize Butler Evans Education again as I encounter new tax lien situations.


Article: How to Hold Title in Alabama

The Best Seminar I Have Ever Attended

Denise is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever been around. She presents complex information in easy to understand examples. What would have taken me months to learn I learned in three hours! Everyone who is thinking about getting involved in tax sales should take this course.

An absolute must!!!

I recommend this class for anyone wanting valuable information on buying tax properties. You can tell Denise is a very helpful and knowledgeable person.

Best 3 Hours you could spend

This class was perfect. I went in with tons of questions and came out with zero questions and a head full of ideas/knowledge. The teaching was clear and concise. I cannot say enough good things.

Very Helpful

This was a very informative video. It explains things in a way that everyone can understand. I highly recommend this for anyone buying a tax lien property. She explains your rights and limitations very clearly. I am very thankful that I found this because without it, I would have continued to think that I had no rights until after the 3 year waiting period.

Great Class

Looking forward to next year's class already!


Article: How to Hold Title in Alabama


Article: Redemption Time Line (Alabama)


Seller Financing Seminar


Seller Financing Seminar

Great Seller Financing Class

This class was very informative. Any investor looking to seller financing or already involved in seller financing should take this course. Denise is a great instructor and the material was easy to follow. Well worth the time and money.

Fountain of Knowledge

Ms. Denise was wonderful and very astute when come to tax lien and deed investing. Would definitely recommend. She rocks!!


Article: How to Hold Title in Alabama


Great class and very informative! I would highly recommend taking this class!!

Great Class!

Denise provided great examples through her experiences that will most definitely aid in my knowledge of landlord/tenant law! Will look forward to taking her class again.