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Taxes Sales, Possession and Property Forfeiture    11/13/2018

Investors must take exclusive and continuous possession of property within 3 years after tax deed, or former owner can get it back without paying a dime!. When in doubt, file ejectment, especially with vacant land. It's hard to prove continuous possession without livestock or crops on it.

Landords and 7 Day Default Notices  11/13/2018

Many judges now require the 7 day default notice specifically tell tenants it is 7 BUSINESS days, not just 7 days. Without the right language, judges are tossing eviction lawsuits out, and making landlords start over. Is it legal? Who knows. Do you want to spend $10K+ to appeal, or do you want to say "7 business days" in your notices?

Flippers: Add Bedrooms, Add $$ to Resale  11/13/2108

Adding a bedroom can add $25,000+ to value. You need at least 70 square feet, horizontal wall of at least 7 feet, safety exit window or door, and a closet. Find some space in a 2BR/1 BA that can be a bedroom by converting a DR or small den, or carve up a large BR. Add a closet, and you have a 3BR/1BA. At that size, a BR is more valuable than another bathroom.