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Tax Sales Crash Course

Tax Sales Crash Course

  • $ 29900

Get ready for the Jefferson County (Birmingham Division) tax sale that will take place on June 4, 2019.

Crash course from 1 pm to 5 pm covers

  • Researching properties
  • What properties to target
  • Jefferson County procedures
  • Bidding
  • Rights to possession even before the tax deed
  • Avoiding possession mistakes that get people sued
  • Why lenders and other lien holders are NOT a problem
  • Redemption, and right to be paid for improvements
  • Wholesaling tax sale certificates

Only $299.  IIncludes all class slides, bonus videos on selected topics not covered in class, and valuable forms.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent course

Denise is extremely knowledgeable in the area she is teaching. The course was very informative and she also provided a lot of other useful information that I didn't really expect to receive in this course. That was a BONUS! She took her time to answer each question and provided insight to different scenarios. I am a lot more comfortable with investing in Alabama tax lien now with a resource like Denise. I will definitely try to attend her future courses.

Well worth the time and investment

I came away from this course with some very valuable information. One piece of information probably saved me from making a $3,000++ mistake on the purchase of a non residential tax delinquent property.
Denise informed me I still might be OK if the property was in a revitalization area. I made the necessary calls and found out the property was just outside the line but the property next to it was in the area. So that was not what I wanted to really hear BUT then again it was "exactly" what I needed to know and avoided a disaster.
AND the guy I spoke with that verified the information turned me on to a few that were in the area that I might check out. Denise also helped me with some additional questions on the phone that I forgot to ask in class. I will attend future courses and looking forward to purchasing the 2016 Tax Sale Investing Manual when it comes out.

Very informative

Denise's Tax Sales Crash Course was very informative and included a wealth of helpful written materials. The course contained the right balance of legal and practical information. Denise was also gracious with offering to answer questions after class and by telephone. I will attend future courses.