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Advanced Tax Sales

Advanced Tax Sales

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Live class only, but can be taken remotely over the Internet in "real time" with ability to ask questions.

Class covers a wide variety of advanced strategies for making money on tax sale properties though auction purchase, OTC purchase, land bank, buying redemption rights, buying rights from other tax sale investors, flipping certificates without quieting title and selling income tax shelter properties.  Strategies include what properties to target through ultimate disposition.

In addition, we examine the impact of 2018 legislative changes and what it means to investors, and 2019 pre-filed bills that might affect investing decisions.

6 hours. 

Customer Reviews

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Worth it

Denise is one of, if not the premiere expert on AL Tax Sales. This was an exceptional class.

Worth Every Penny!!!

This course was full of valuable information that showed me numerous of investment strategies I can explore! The information was presented in a clear and simple way, that made it easy to understand. I recommend any new or experienced tax sale investor purchase this class!

As Good As It Gets!!!

I only give five-star reviews if I'm impressed; I was impressed with the Butler-Evans Tax Seminar. Over the years, I have paid numerous attorneys to learn far less than I learned in Denise's 3-hour class, she delivers on every level. I consider her the AUTHORITY in Alabama tax liens. Thank you, Denise, for being good at what you do.

AMAZING Information

I was blown away by all the information in this class. I'd been making money for years by going after 12% redemption properties and rental properties I could rehab. But, it was getting harder and harder because of all the other people doing tax sales. Denise opened my eyes to so many other strategies, that nobody else knows about. Best of all, most of the strategies can be from property bought from the state, so I don't have to wait for the yearly auctions. She really explains things well, is great about answering all questions, but never lets anyone hijack the class for their personal stories and long involved questions. Five Stars, Denise!!!

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