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Tax Sale Referee Services

Tax Sale Referee Services

  • $ 50000

When a tax sale investor has made improvements to property, and the taxpayer makes a demand for redemption charges, this almost always triggers what is known as the Mandatory Binding Arbitration Process. The parties have strict deadlines to appoint referees.  If the referees agree on a value, the parties are bound. If not, then the parties may proceed with negotiations afterwards, or file a lawsuit. The referee is a critically important part of the process.  Parties may hire Denise Evans as their referee ONLY if she agrees, in writing to serve.  Merely clicking this link and paying the fee is not sufficient.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Referee

Denise Evans' referee service was excellent. I highly recommend her. If you're up against a bank or a cut-throat hedge fund lawyer, she will help you navigate the process. If you've kept good records & done your part, Denise Evans will help deliver a favorable outcome. She's clever, diligent, fun and very easy to work with.

Outstanding work.

For those that are needed a Referee - you already know what they do, and how much you are paying your attorney an hour. But to have someone handle this from start to finish with very little involvement with the attorney was a breath of fresh air and an ease to my wallet. Denise is a worth every dime she charged.
She kept me well informed, was quick on turn around, and got us the number we wanted - I know the other side wished they had her.
Denise knows the law very well and can push back with case law to move the ball down the field. And I got useful information for next time

I am more than pleased and can highly recommend her services.

Unbelievable Referee!

I recently hired Denise to be my referee for Tax Deed Redemption arbitration. There really is no way for me to convey in words the amazing job she did. I was blown away by her knowledge of the law and property tax redemption procedures as well as her professionalism and tenacity. Her extensive background and experience was obvious immediately and the tact she showed while dealing with people not familiar with redemption protocol was impressive. Having someone with so much experience and determination, like Denise, is so valuable. She went above and beyond in getting this case resolved. I would hire her again without question to help me with any property tax situation or redemption issue I might face. She is, without a doubt, THE authority in Tax Sale Investing in the state! Thank you Denise!

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