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Intro to Alabama Tax Sales

Intro to Alabama Tax Sales

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Select class date/location or click HERE for video, one or the other. Video is not included as part of the live class but can be purchased separately during class at a discount. Live class earns 6 hours of real estate CE credit.

This is a full day of class, from 9am to Noon, lunch on your own, and then 1pm to 4pm.  In order to thoroughly understand how to make money, and how to avoid problems, it really does take this much time.  Unlike other "experts," I will answer any question you ask during class!

Click TOPICS tab for a list of topics, and HANDOUTS for the materials you will be able to download when you register. Be sure to download the class slides, which will make it easier to take notes. Course earns 6 hours of real estate CE credit, but also open to the public.

See Cities and Dates, just above the "Add to Cart" button.

Click Topics tab for details, and Handouts tab for materials you will be able to download as soon as you register.  

  • Buying tax certificates, liens and deeds
  • New 2020 procedures in Baldwin, Shelby, Mobile, and some other counties
  • Buying from the state inventory
  • Rights of tax sale purchasers
  • Possession and improvements
  • Priorities among lien holders and tax sale investors
  • Redemption rights
  • Void tax sales and exceptions
  • Pricing strategies
  • Resale of tax sale properties
  • Quieting title
  • Attorneys who can help

Immediately after registering, you will receive an email with links to download all handouts.  If your purchased the streaming video, the email will also contain a link for that course. All materials copyright protected.

  1. All class slides
  2. Video: Buying OTC From the State of Alabama
  3. Video: Selling Tax Sale Properties and Holding the Financing
  4. Form Letter: Demand to Surrender Possession
  5. Form Letter: Notice to Lien holders
  6. Form Letter: Notice to County of Improvement Values
  7. Form Letter: Notice of Appointment of Referee
  8. Form Letter: Response to Request for Redemption after Tax Deed
  9. Form Letter: Best Price Offer
  10. Residential Lease For Taxpayer

Customer Reviews

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Awesome & Informative Class

Denise class was awesome and very informative to fill in the gaps of how Alabama Tax Sales work. I am looking forward to take more of Denise classes in the future as well.

Intro to Tax Sales

Outstanding Tax Sales class!!! Denise had a wealth of knowledge to share with the class. I truly got a lot out of this class and will be taking other classes. I highly recommended.


Denise is very knowledgeable about tax liens and many other topics in this arena. Her class was very interactive and interesting. She takes questions throuout instruction and provides real answers and information that you can use immediately. I learned alot and really enjoyed the class.

Denise has a Wealth of Knowledge

Enjoyed this class. I came in wanting to get clarity on tax sale issues I thought I knew, and left with much more. She walks you through the basics from start to finish and this class is definitely enough to get any potential investor started.


The course itself is very well organized and well structured. learned a lot about the tax liens in Alabama and looking forward for my first tax lien purchase. Thank you Denis, I enjoyed the class. I would definitely recommend to anyone, who is interested in learning/implementing tax liens into their investing style.

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