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Alabama Tax Sale Investing (Book)

Alabama Tax Sale Investing (Book)

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Orders placed after October 1, 2017 will also receive FREE the 2018 digital edition when it comes out in February or March.  There will not be any important changes between 2017 and 2018, but it's always nice to have the latest version, isn't it?

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THE complete resource for the Alabama tax sale investor, county administrator, or attorney.  Plain English, and easy to understand. Includes extensive footnotes with citations to cases and statutes. 2017, 11th edition.  Over 350 pages of practical advice, legal analysis, resources and forms.  Review table of contents, index and sample pages HERE.  Download version is $229. Printed and mailed version is $259 to cover printing, binding, and mail expenses.

Customer Reviews

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Ashley A. Ashley
Saved me thousands.

I am so glad I purchased this book. I wish I had purchased it before I started investing. I came very close to losing the right to charge for preservation values. Thanks to reading this book and help from Denise I was able to mitigate this and will be better equipped to navigate future obstacles. Well worth the couple hundred for the thousands it's it going to save me. I absolutely love the diy forms super helpful. Everything is broken down and easy to read. A must have.

Alex Beaver A.B. Alex B.

This is my go-to book on all things tax sales!

James J. James
Plain english, Layman's terms, Field guild to tax investing

August, 15 2015
It took me three days to read this book cover to cover, it was well-written enough that it kept my attention. I just happened upon Denise Evans and her line of books by googling tax deed properties. She is very well respected among the tax investing community, once I saw she was associates with another well known tax investor, and he was referencing her, I was sold I have since bought another one of her books (Landlord Book) ,and she also has had a few conversations with me to explain some of the different technicalities or combinations of situations related to this book. I think the book is very well-written ad insightful.

If all goes well I'm supposed to receive one of my first properties and tenant on 08/18/2015

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