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Consulting: 15 Minutes

Consulting: 15 Minutes

  • $ 5000

Schedule a telephone or online consultation.  The $50-per-15-minute fee works out to $200/hour. Usually, if you provide a little information about your problem, I can tell you how much time it will take. Then, I might tell you, "This will take 45 minutes, please purchase three (3) of the 15 minute consults, for a total of 45 minutes and $150." Or, for more extensive requirements, you can buy a $500 retainer which is billed at the rate of $40 per 15-minutes, and just stays in your consultation "bank" to be used as needed.

Customer Reviews

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Mrs Evans is a true professional and knows more than anyone I know about tax liens and deeds.

Great Advice!!

Denise gave very sound advice and was very informative and knowledgeable about delinquent tax property. She took the time to listen and was only a phone call away. I will not hesitate to call her again in the future and I am also looking into attending one of her seminars.

Everything Tax Liens!!!

I had been struggling to close a property that was a mess due to an array of complicated issues. The title company did not have a clue and they didn't desire to figure it out! I contacted Denise Evans for Consulting Services. Mrs. Evans responded right away which was very important. She was extremely efficient and knowledgeable regarding my tangled issues with Tax Liens. I am thankful that she an expert that is available to me. My sell was saved and my client is happy!

Extremely Knowledgeable, The Foremost Expert in Alabama Tax Sale Law

Denise is great! I scheduled a one-hour consultation to discuss a situation with some Alabama tax sale properties. She is extremely well-versed on the subject and explains issues in a way that can be easily understood. Definitely will be my go-to subject matter expert for Alabama tax sale and other related matter. Thanks again!

Very Helpful!! A++++

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you for all of your advice!

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