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Possession, Ejectment, and Quieting Title Video

Possession, Ejectment, and Quieting Title Video

  • $ 24900

This video is designed for tax sale investors. It is slightly over FIVE hours, divided into four separate videos, plus a separate download for all forms.

  • Chapter One is Possession. DO NOT SKIP this one, because it's important to everything.
  • Chapter Two is Ejectment
  • Chapter Three is the in personam quiet title lawsuit, which is the easier and cheaper one.
  • Chapter Four is the in rem quiet title, which is the one you must use if you have unknown heirs.

Complete lawsuit forms for ejectment and both types of quiet title, plus quitclaim deed, redemption deed, and all slides.

You will receive a confirmation email within minutes after purchase. It will contain links for each of the videos to download to your computer or stream to your phone.  Plus a separate link for the slides and the forms.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Denise is the Tax Sale Guru

The Quieting Title class was very educational and informative. Well worth the investment!

Quiet Titlees first about title insurance and that idea, alone, is worth the price for the class....

I wish I had taken the Quiet Title class a year or two ago. And, I have a lot of tax properties I need to do QT on. I need to start this process. For instance, I have about a dozen different lots in Talladega County that are not worth a lot and not worth spending a lot on. I will check with some title companies first about title insurance and that idea, alone, is worth the price for the class. PLUS, I need to check into the Ejectment suite ASAP.


Very Informational, significant level of detail.

Quieting Title

Great information, informative, and easy to understand!

Denise Evans real estate

I took both intro to tax and quiet title. Both classes were taught in a manner which info was easy to obtain. There was plenty time for questions and dialogue with real world application. I was actually able to use some of what I learned since in a business transaction! Definitely worth the time and . I am certain to take some more classes!

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