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Alabama Tax Sale Investing (Book)

Alabama Tax Sale Investing (Book)

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THE complete resource for the Alabama tax sale investor, county administrator, or attorney.  Plain English, and easy to understand. Includes extensive footnotes with citations to cases and statutes. 2018, 12th edition.  Almost 300 pages of practical advice, legal analysis, resources and forms.  Review table of contents, sample pages, and index  HERE. Download version is $229. Printed and mailed version is $259 to cover printing, binding, and mail expenses.

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Customer Reviews

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Incredibly informative and quite entertaining!

Wow. This book had it all: an interesting subject matter, the potential to turn information into a profitable venture, and really solid writing. It’s bizarre to say this about a book about tax liens, but Denise’s writing actually had me wanting to turn the read page and read on.

Highly recommended!

Tax Property

Excellent, Excellent, more Excellent! From the audio introduction, to her book Alabama Tax Sales, to her being so open and accessible to answer follow up questions...Denise is AMAZING!.
Im currently using and benefiting from what I've learned thru Denise Evans Education.

Thanks for very nice review! BTW, while I'm proud that I personally have such terrific name reputation, my company is actually called Butler Evans Education:)
It Literally Pays For Itself

I have been eyeing this book for a while, but was afraid to purchase it out of fear that it wouldn't be what I needed, but I'm glad that I took a chance. This is a resource document that keeps on giving and to my delight, it provides forms for you to use with the proper legal jargon (that's super important). But, the book is in layman's terms, so no need to fret about not understanding. Honestly, for me, purchasing tax sale properties can be an intimidating process, but when you're armed with facts and case law to boot, the process becomes a lot easier. Thankfully, this book has already paid for itself MANY times over, so buy it. You won't regret this purchase.


Great Resource

Alabama Tax Sale Book

This book is very well written. I have enjoyed reading it and learning about the tax sale process in Alabama.

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