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Fair Housing for Landlords

Fair Housing for Landlords

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Fair Housing laws: Latest trends in Fair Housing complaints, including criminal background checks, hoarding, emotional support animals, mental issues that frighten neighbors, modifying premises for disability, cooking odors, smoking, allergies, former drug or alcohol use as excuse for poor credit score, tenants with multiple defaults, more. A fun class with animated cartoons to illustrate key points! Download all handouts at time of class registration, including slides, suggested written response to a request for an emotional support animal or other accommodation request, suggested Animal Addendum to your lease to protect against emotional support animal abuses, suggested lease language to manage hoarding issues, more.  See Cities and Dates, just above the "Add to Cart" button.  Approved for 3 hours of CE Credit, course #814 and also 3 hours of MCLE credit.  CE credit for live classes only. Video does not earn CE credit.

Topics include:

  1. Fair Housing protected classifications
  2. Exceptions to the law
  3. Disabilities, including emotional support animals, hoarding, PTSD, former drug addiction and criminal records or low credit scores, and dangerous behavior with mental illnessCommon traps related to religious discrimination
  4. Undocumented aliens
  5. Sex discrimination
  6. Avoiding liability for employee or vendor sexual harrassment of tenants
  7. Familial Status--not everything people claim it is
  8. Occupancy limits
  9. Seniors-only housing
  10. Selective enforcement of multiple tenant defaults
  11. New HUD rules regarding criminal background
  12. Testers--HUD, freelance, and your own
  13. Advertising
  14. Procedures to guard against violations
  15. Fair Housing complaint procedure

Download handouts at time of registration. They include:

  1. Class slides
  2. Written response to Reasonable Accommodation Request (including emotional support animals)
  3. Suggested "Animal Addendum" for lease, covering pets and disability-related animals
  4. Suggested lease clause to manage hoarding issues
  5. Excellent book by North Carolina Department of Health and Human Resources on Fair Housing Laws and Disabilities
  6. HUD Office of General Counsel guidance on use of criminal background information
  7. Joint Statement of HUD and DOJ regarding Reasonable Modification Requests

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Great Class

Looking forward to next year's class already!

Great Class!

Denise provided great examples through her experiences that will most definitely aid in my knowledge of landlord/tenant law! Will look forward to taking her class again.


Obviously, following fair housing laws is important. Denise has the teaching ability to show you the nuances that help in doing just that.

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