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Residential Leases

Residential Leases

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Work with your lawyer to create a GREAT Alabama lease, or understand and effectively use the one you already have. In both cases, you need to understand the various possible clauses and attachments, why they are important, and how to customize for your properties.  See "Handouts" tab for list of items you can download at time of registration. Earns 3 hours Alabama real estate CE, course #454, and 3 hours MCLE credit. Also open to public.  

See Cities and Dates, just above the "Add to Cart" button.

Click Topics tab for details, and Handouts tab for materials you will be able to download as soon as you register.

  • Documents - what should be in lease, what is required to be in separate document
  • People - named tenants, occupancy, guarantors, subleasing, renting to minors, disabilities
  • Premises - excluded and included areas, condition, repairs, upkeep, entry rights, repair requests
  • Term - Beginning/end, automatic renewal, holding over
  • Money - rent, acceleration, automatic increases, discounts, deposits, prepaid rent, collateral, additional tenant fees
  • Responsibilities - habitability, cleanliness, safety, repairs, maintenance, notices, smoking, animals, insurance
  • Default - rent, non-rent defaults, drugs, fraud, abandonment, excessive occupancy, animals, denial of access
  • Rules, Regulations and Fee Schedule - control tenant behavior with specific rules and monetary consequences for breaking the rules

Immediately after registering, you will receive an email with links to download the lease and related forms. They include:

  1. Lease
  2. Rules, Regulations and Fee Schedule
  3. Agreement for Routine Maintenance and Inspections
  4. Agreement to Show Premises During Last Four Months of Term
  5. Animal Addendum
  6. Mold Addendum
  7. Single Family Home Addendum
  8. Tenant Repairs Addendum
  9. Option to Purchase Addendum
  10. Lead Paint Disclosure
  11. Tenant application
  12. Adverse Action Letter

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mason Dillard M.D. Mason D.
Residential Leases Class

I consider myself a seasoned landlord and have been around for a long time. I knew I was probably still doing a lot of things the "Old School" way. After taking this class I realized how important it is to stay up to date. I am glad I took this course and let Denise bring me back to the real world of CYA. Thanks Denise!!

Tina Golden T.G. Tina G.

These classes had the most useful information than any other CE class I've ever taken. Great tips and examples shared to help you fully understand the process. Recommend to EVERYONE that is currently or looking into property management. Looking forward to taking more of your classes!

Laura Thomas L.T. Laura T.
Great Class

Thanks for a great class! I can't wait to implement your lease and other paperwork suggestions. Lots of great information to help keep my rentals organized and on track. Haven't been to a CE class that was as useful and informative as this one in a long time.

John Peebles J.P. John P.
Excellent use of CE hours

Extremely useful for anyone who works with residential leases from the landlord's side. Recommended.

Jenny Grubich J.G. Jenny G.
Time Well Spent

I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your course, Writing a GREAT Lease. It truly was refreshing to attend a course where I felt I actually benefited from the time spent. Thank you. Jenny Grubich.( ABR).Consumer Real Estate, Tuscaloosa

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