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News for Real Estate Investors and Landlords — prohibition

Confederate Flags on Rentals

Posted by Denise Evans on

Do you take any action if a tenant displays a Confederate flag on your rental property? This question came up at a recent Intro to Landlord/Tenant Issues class.  It can be a provocative display, and put your property at risk of vandalism or stigma.  What about other signs?  Political candidate signs, posters supporting or opposing abortion rights, sexual orientation or gender identity? Black Lives Matter?  Religious Insignia--Christian, Jewish, Muslim or other? Is this a problem, or a potential problem? How do you handle it? Do you have the right to remove the display, or require the tenant to remove it?...

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Tax Sale Redemptions and Improvements

Posted by 15789465 on

Alabama Supreme Court only muddies the waters with its tax sale redemption decision. Case on motion for rehearing.

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