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Flipping - Bedrooms

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Tax Sales

You must take exclusive and continuous possession or file ejectment within 3 years after tax deed, or risk losing property back to owner with NO payment! 


Adding a bedroom adds value. IBC requires 70 square feet for a bedroom, and an emergency exit (such as window) to outside. Appraisers need to see a closet.  Can you find space for another bedroom?  Of course!

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Many judges now require that 7-day default notice specifically tell tenants it is for 7 BUSINESS days.  Don't do it right, and they will throw out your eviction lawsuit and make you start over!

Flipping and Adding Bedrooms.  Adding another bedroom to a house can increase the value far more than the construction costs.  But, adding more square footage usually means more permits and money.

Most communities follow the International Building Code. Check yours, to be sure. Under the IBC, a bedroom must have at least 70 square feet, the horizontal wall must be at least 7 feet, and it must contain a window or other method of emergency exit to the outside.  For most appraisers, the room must also contain a closet to be treated as a bedroom in the appraisal.

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