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Instructions: Using Formstack as an Online Tenant Repair Request System

Posted by Denise Evans on

I've received several requests for instructions on using Formstack for the free online tenant repair request system described in my earlier post.  Using this system increases efficiency by automating tenant notice to you, creation of a paper trail, and forwarding of the request to the appropriate repair people. They can then reply to the email, and the entire repair request cycle is captured in one email chain. In addition, you have the advantage of a time and date stamped paper trail, so there is no arguing later about whether a tenant gave you notice or not.   If you are interested in another provider, please let me know.  If I receive enough requests, I'll write up instructions for other services, such as Google forms or JotTot.

You can click HERE to download the Formstack instructions. Let me know how this works out for you!

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  • Can you set this up to go right to your repair guys and avoid a phone call for short term condo rentals?

    Dana on

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