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Financing Strategies for Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate

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"Financing Strategies for Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate," is my newest book. It will release on June 1, 2015. Pre-publication discount pricing of $129 available for first 25 purchasers.  Immediate download of customizable lease-option form, and single family home addendum, when you finish check-out.  Link at bottom of this post to purchase. Regular price of book is $229. Topics include practical, legal, financial and income tax considerations for the following chapters:
  1. Seller Financing Using Mortgages
  2. Lease Options
  3. Bond for Title, Contract for Deed, Vendor's Lien Deed
  4. Wraparound Mortgages (Yes, They are Legal)
  5. "Hard Money" Loans
  6. Investment Clubs
  7. Bonds
  8. IRA Loans
  9. Wholesaling
  10. Using Options as a Seller Financing Technique
  11. A Winning Loan Package for Traditional Lenders
  12. Forms
Remember, discounted pricing available only for first 25 purchasers.  If the limit has already been reached, the check-out process will tell you that you cannot purchase at this time. Buy Now, $129

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  • I don’t you have to modify the CFD. The Alabama Banking Department has what is called an Interim Rule that protects you, if those are the only transactions you did.

    Denise L. Evans on

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