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Sheriff's Sale Properties

Posted by 15789465 on

I'm talking to someone about teaching a 3-hour course for my school, telling people how to invest in sheriff's sale properties. This is real and personal property sold by a county sheriff or a federal marshall to satisfy judgments against people. The auction prices are often phenomenally low.  You can buy real estate, vehicles, jewelry, collectibles--almost anything.

The instructor is an expert, and has done this, himself, for years.

Is there any interest for a class like this?

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  • I would definitely interested if you can put this together.

    Gary Bivins on
  • It sounds interesting to me. Depends on the cost. Still taking CE courses.

    Chuck Robertson on
  • Denise: the Sheriff’s sale course sounds interesting and move prove insightful. I would like to attend the class if it makes.

    Brian Penn on
  • But I am a New Jersey resident.

    Denise on
  • Yes, is it an online class? Thanks

    Denise on

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