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Seller Financing

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Learn how to avoid seller financing traps imposed by federal government, even if you do contracts for deed and similar arrangements instead of mortgages. Guess wrong, and there are hefty penalties, plus unhappy buyer can rescind arrangement and receive full refund of all interest and fees!

I have all new courses on Alabama Seller Financing issues, including state laws and federal regulations under SAFE Act, TILA, and others.  Click link for more information on live classroom seminars, live webinars, and pre-recorded video presentations.  LINK

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  • Hi Sue, many people privately loan money to home buyers. If someone had $100,000 in a retirement account, for example, it might make sense to loan it to you so you can buy a home, and then earn 5% or higher interest rate on their money as you make your payments each month. Otherwise, the money might just sit in a CD and earn less than 1% interest. But, because it is not a bank loan, many of the terms and conditions in the note and mortgage are non-standard, and are changeable with a little negotiation, if you know how. Also, I’m not saying this is the case with your person, because I don’t know who you are dealing with, but there are many unscrupulous private lenders out there. You should know your rights, because the unscrupulous ones will usually run like crazy in the other direction if you start asking questions that indicate you know your rights. I think you would be very happy if you decided to take the course. You will either learn some things you can negotiate to get a better deal, or you will learn this is a perfectly safe transaction and you don’t need to worry, or you will learn you should be very nervous about this transaction and maybe look for something else. Any of these outcomes is a good outcome for you.

    Denise L. Evans on
  • I am interested in your class you discuss private financing. I was offered private financing by the real estate agent when I was purchasing a home. He said he has a friend who does these all the time and he (agent) would "hook " us up. I learned guy has a swimming pool business by trade but this agent hooks his client up this guy writes the letter as though he is the mortgage company for the purchase of my HUD house and I just pay him instead if a bank he the agent gave me 3 names who had already purchased HUD homes that he financed so I know he did it for sure I was still a bit uncertain so I call the agents broker and she said not to worry they work these deals together all the time especially HUD houses is this ok I can’t get anyone to tell me should I take your class

    Sue ware on

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