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"Get Rich in Real Estate" Experts

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I don't ordinarily do this on my blog, but I'm going to "rant" a little bit this morning. I just read a promo for yet another get-rich-quick-in-real-estate expert.  He supposedly made millions in real estate just by knowing the secrets to flipping. He claims you can do it in any economy.  If you come to his free seminar, and then buy expensive books and coaching contracts, you can also get rich in less than one year, with no cash and no credit. Really?  If that's true, why is he out stumping little towns all over America, hawking his books and coaching?  Travelling all over the country, and selling personal coaching, is REALLY hard work. Plus, how much can you do? There's only a certain number of hours in the week, and many of them are filled with travel, speaking, and administrative work. I did well in real estate developing and investing. I wasn't rich, but I was financially safe and comfortable.  It was REALLY hard work.  I lost money on some deals. If you do enough of them, you are going to lose money on some. The goal is to have a net profit. Then the crash hit. I wasn't financially safe and comfortable any more. Still believed in real estate, though, and still invest.  I've always loved writing and teaching, and I'm doing a lot of that now. I'll be financially safe and comfortable once again, before too long. I'll be more conservative with my investments, next time around.  We're all saying that, these days, aren't we? People, IF I HAD A MAGIC FORMULA FOR GETTING RICH IN REAL ESTATE, QUICKLY, I WOULDN'T WASTE MY TIME TELLING YOU ABOUT IT!!!  I'd be getting rich in real estate, quickly.  The so-called experts always say they've made their money, and now they "just want to help others." Someone who has a strong desire for public service goes into politics, or charitable work, or something similar. They don't teach seminars on how to get rich in real estate, and they sure don't sell coaching for thousands of dollars per contract. Think about this, before you plop down your money for a so-called expert.  Maybe they have something valuable to sell. Maybe they don't.  A little healthy skepticism would be good.

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  • I have seen a good many of these guys. Who is the Guru you refer to here? Thanks Jimmy Reynolds

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    Jimmy on
  • AMEN!!

    Bill Fowler on
  • Stumpf promotes what he calls remodeling. Setting aside time each week to work on your business. Not phone calls and such but action steps, much like your method. He also has a two week calendar with spaces for all activities. Phone calls, mailings, meetings, and remodeling. I love the NLP. Love it. It’s fun to try it on people and watch it work.

    Lauri on
  • I don’t know Joe Stumpf. I attended a David Allen workshop years ago—late 1980’s, in Houston. He included time management, goal setting and strategic planning, and NLP. The NLP part was quite the eye-opener. Once someone explains it, it makes perfect sense. He was great. It was because of that workshop that my husband and I started having annual strategic planning retreats. We’d go over the prior year, set all our 1-year, 5-year and 20-year goals, wrote additional 1-year goals that were steps on the way to the 5-year and 20-year goals, and then wrote out the “next actions” necessary to meet the 1-year goals. Once a week we’d go over the list and make a new “next action” list for the next week. Virtually every single goal we ever set, we met, because we were focused on them all year long. It was powerful stuff. BUT, it made sense he was doing that, because his goals were about his seminars and his workshops, and what he was teaching was consistent with what he was doing. The “get-rich-quick-in-real-estate” gurus are a different matter.

    Denise L. Evans on
  • I totally agree. I went a different route. I am a fan of Joe Stumpf. He teaches neuro linguistics. It is fascinating. I really enjoy it. It is a different way of communicating. Yes he has a program for realtors like all the other guys. As far as I am concerned it is fun and it was worth a try. I have tried some of his methods in everyday life and it does make a difference.

    Lauri on

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