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Pets Must be Allowed in Student Dorms

Posted by 15789465 on

HUD says universities must allow emotional support animals for dorm students suffering from separation anxiety, because that is a disability and the university must make reasonable accommodations.  You private landlords--the same reasoning applies to YOU and YOUR properties. What do you think?


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  • Surely you made this up!!! April fools in May?


    Steven L. Payne on
  • Do you have an emotional support animal? I think I was the emotional support animal for my pug dog! He used to have MAJOR separation anxiety when away from me. Once, I had to wade out into the middle of the extremely muddy bottom of a lake we drained. It was nasty, mucky, goo. My little pug hated puddles, and he hated mud. But, he faithfully trudged out there with me, unwilling to stay on the bank.

    Denise L. Evans on
  • Wish I had made this up, Steve. :(

    Denise L. Evans on
  • I agree. I do get anxiety when away over 4 or so hours

    Marilyn Schmidt on

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