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How Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Brought Down Colonial Bank

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Here goes.  I did this video awhile ago, but I didn't tell anyone about it because I thought I sounded a little bit goofy when I introduced myself in the very beginning. I planned to record it all over again, but that's not a simple or quick process. So, I give up.  Overlook the part where I sound a little bit goofy when I say my name. The video is about Taylor Bean & Whitaker and how they brought down Colonial Bank.  I think you'll be STUNNED when you hear about everything that went on behind the scenes.  Please send this link to all of your friends, and put on your facebook pages, and tweet, and everything else. If there's a lot of interest in these types of stories, I'll keep digging out the "dirt" and keep making the videos. Click HERE for the YouTube video. It's almost 15 minutes long, but I already cut out everything I could in order to shorten it. Once you watch, you'll realize the horrible story just can't be told in 3 or 4 minutes.  

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