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Bank of America Secret Weapon

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One of my newest short sale clients discovered this trick by accident, and passed it along to me. I think you're going to love it! He was past due on his mortgage payments. Bank of America collection calls were getting frequent. One day, a collector made the standard disclosure, "This call may be recorded for quality control purposes."  This is how the call went after that: Borrower: That's okay, I'm recording it, too. BofA: WHAT!!  You can't do that. Borrower:  Yes I can. That way we both have a copy, in case your copy gets lost or something, I'll still have mine and you can borrow it if you want. BofA:  That's illegal. You are not allowed to record the conversation. Borrower:  Yes I am, as long as I disclose it. It's the same law you have. We all have the same laws, you know. BofA:  I'm not allowed to talk to you if you are recording the conversation. Borrower: I'm sorry about that. I'd like to talk to with you, but I WILL record the conversation. BofA:  I'm sorry, sir. I'm hanging up now. My client thought it was pretty funny.  The next day, another BofA collector called him. He told THAT collector that he was recording the call.  She said she couldn't talk to him, and ended the call. Every single time he tells them he is recording the call, they hang up! If only this worked in arguments with my husband...

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  • And they really get confused when you ask them to send you proof that they still own the debt, and even more so when you asked the caller to explain whether or not they have personal knowledge of the debt, and to explain how they acquired that knowledge…
    Oh…and let’s not forget the " un -broken chain of title"

    “How about some proof of ownership and transfer of title beginning with the original creditor and concluding with your firm” Otherwise show proof that your firm(the original creditor ) has never sold this account, and if so, please disclose the name of the assignee, and whether or not the account was re-purchased by your firm, or sold to yet another assignee or debt buyer.
    I could write 10 pages …but I digress…

    George on
  • […] Bank Of America Secret Weapon […]

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  • Well, I have actually done that too, albeit without
    anticipating the result. It was an agency trying to
    collect an amount that I did not owe and the reaction
    from the collector was the same. Apparently it got
    mysteriously resolved as I never heard from them again.

    S Hasdt on
  • Amazing! Well, I guess not really considering. Great script.

    Sandy Frost on
  • Hmmmm, makes you wonder what they do not want “on record”….silly “clerks” (because that is what they act like), they can only function if 1+2=3. Anything outside of their SOP and they don’t know what to do…

    Thansk for your posts….they are humorous and/or helpful and always welcome.

    Destiny Parks on

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