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Florida Couple Forecloses on Bank of America

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A Florida couple bought a foreclosed home from Bank of America and paid $165,000 in cash.  About a year later, Bank of America started foreclosure proceedings on their home!  It was all a terrible mistake. The bank stopped the foreclosure, and apologized. BUT, the court ordered them to pay the homeowners $2,500 to reimburse their legal fees. Unfortunately, over the course of a year, BofA never got around to paying the debt. Guess they were busy stringing people along on short sales and loan mods and then foreclosing on THEM. Frustrated, the couple had Sheriff's deputies begin seizing furniture and equipment from a local BofA branch bank in order to satisfy the judgment. BofA was able to come up with the cash, after all.  They also sent a letter to the couple saying: "We apologize to Mr. Nyegres that there was a delay in receiving the funds. The original request went to an outside attorney who is no longer in business." Do you love it?  Everyone facing foreclosure out there because they can't get reasonable short sale and loan mod requests approved by BofA, be sure to send a nice little Hallmark apology card with an excuse you can offer with a straight face, and maybe all will be forgiven and it will be okay. Do you think? Read story here:

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  • That is a classic one! Thanks for the informative blogs – I enjoy them.

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