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I Take Full Responsibility For That...

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How many times do we hear that from politicians, business people, etc.? All the time. What does it mean? Usually, nothing! I had two very pleasant experiences I wanted to share with you. They really don't have anything to do with the core topics of my blog, but they are relevant to business in general. A national drug store chain recently made a mistake on my husband's medicine. There were only 80 pills in his bottle. It was supposed to be 90. Everyone makes mistakes. The problem was, the drug store was a 36 mile round trip away. With the price of gas these days, it was going to cost a few dollars to pick up those extra pills.  We couldn't just wait until the next time we were in town, because we didn't notice the shortage until the end.  All the other bottles had 12 pills left.  This one had only two. I called the pharmacy, and three very surprising things happened:
  1. They believed me, and didn't ask me to prove it;
  2. They apologized; and
  3. They gave me a $25 gift card to make it up to me for the gas expense and the aggravation and extra time!
I was dumbfounded!  THAT was somebody who accepted full responsibility for their mistake.  I'll be doing business with them for the rest of my life! The other situation was a lawn mower that needed to be repaired. No, not at the drug store, at a regional farm equipment store. For three weeks we were told, "It's not ready yet. We are waiting for parts."  Today, when we pressed for more information, the person in the repair department learned that the person in the parts department kept ordering the wrong part!  He determined the right part, and the part number, and made sure it got ordered and the company paid extra for overnight delivery. BUT, he also recognized that our grass was probably getting pretty tall with no lawn mower for three weeks. We have about four acres of lawn.  The repair person sent out one of their people, on one of their lawn mowers, and cut our grass for us! Again, I was flabbergasted!  Again, that's a great example of "I take full responsibility for that..." Thank you, both companies, for restoring my faith in American business customer service. Thank you, also, for reminding me that if you indeed take "full responsibility" for the inevitable mistakes, you will earn customers for life!

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  • Wow! That’s really encouraging. It made my day and I wasn’t even involved.


    Chuck Robertson on
  • I know, isn’t it amazing?

    Denise L. Evans on
  • Wow, just when you begin to think there’s no such thing as customer service anymore.

    Sandy Frost on
  • reminds me of the nationwide chain (that has a market strategy aime t men) that sold to me a 20hp riding lawn mower with a 2 year warranty. The deck ha broken down every year and they now refuse to repair (the same problem) it again because they managed to keep it running past the warranty period. It now sits in my yard to impress huntsville community development code enforcement with my commitment to cutting grass (even though i am actually using a push mower). Thankfully, a lot of things are now missing from that chain’s store in huntsville

    sometimes that’s how things really work out in the american way

    howard ross on
  • Hi Chuck, It’s kind of sad that we are so starved for a little old-fashioned customer service, and so grateful when someone gives it to us. It really motivates me to try to do better, and surprise someone else, and make them feel good about themselves (because I value them enough to take responsibility for my mistakes).

    Denise L. Evans on

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