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My blog numbers are down recently. I hope I'm not boring you.  Tell me what YOU want to hear about, and I'll give it to you.  My all time highest numbers came from two stories. One was mortgage assistance to struggling homeowners. The other was about the Taylor Bean Whitaker exec being found guilty of fraud.  Do you want more of the same, or something different?  Please click  "Leave a Comment" below and tell me what you want. Thanks!  Denise

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  • Great ideas for topics. I’ll put these on my list and post within 7 days. Thanks!

    Denise L. Evans on
  • Denise,

    I would really like any info regarding development of the SAFE (safe and fair enforcement?) and the PTAFA (protecting tenants at foreclosure)…no one in this state seems to know what the hell is going on with these.

    e.g. under the SAFE act, is participation in the transaction by an attorney sufficient enough such that no licensed mortgage broker need be involved?

    Who knows…

    rick on
  • Denise, I have trouble with this too, so I go cautiously here.
    I like to read about cases and their resolution or failure.
    Good luck,

    Terry L Cunningham on
  • Hi Calix, We all need to hear those “success stories” in order to keep our spirits up, don’t we? Thanks for suggesting this. I’ll start trying to post at least one comment a week that helps us all see that people who work hard, keep the goal in sight, and just trudge through many of the problems without getting discouraged, will succeed and be happy.

    Denise L. Evans on
  • inspirational and

    calix vilme on

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