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What do YOU want to see researched, explained, or commented upon in this Blog?  Do you want me to spend more time elaborating on a prior post, or do you want something completely new? Leave a comment to this post, and tell me what you want to know.

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  • Keep us posted on anything to do with personal possessions after a foreclosure or after a tenant moves out or with tax sale properties. When you can take possession of the property, what to do with the stuff inside and outside.
    Another question is if you buy a tax sale property and it is redeemed, how do you get paid?
    Thanks for the articles so far. Great stuff!
    Lauri Pine

    Lauri Pine on
  • This is really getting into the realm of legal advice for a specific problem. I’m afraid I can’t help you, but can only advise you to consult an attorney.

    deniselevans on
  • A foreclosed on plaintiff’s 2 properties, bought them in, and then conveyed 1 to B and 2 to C.

    Plaintiff filed complaint against A, B, & C for wrongful foreclosure, alleging failure of A to properly give credit, and demanding “judgment setting aside the foreclosure sales and against” A “in an amount to be determined by the court”.

    Can anybody tell me if this complaint, as written, is sufficient to clear plaintiff’s title from cloud of B & C ?

    howard ross on
  • Denise,

    Do you have any of your seminars available for sale on DVD?


    Billy McFarland on
  • trying to find out if anyone else has been incrcerated for municipal code violations of real property purchased at tax sales

    howard ross on

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