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Free Webinar: Alabama Post-Foreclosure Redemption Rights

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Alabama post-foreclosure redemption rights is a pretty hot topic right now. I'm stunned at the wide-spread mis-information on this subject, much of it coming from lawyers!  I understand--you think you know the answer to a question, just as surely as you know the sun comes up in the East. As a result, you don't think to check, and then you give out bad advice. Please sign up for my free two-hour live webinar on this topic, to be held on Thursday, September 9th, from 9am to 11am.  And please also forward this information to everyone you know, especially lawyers, so we can put some of those urban legends to rest. People are taking bad advice, and getting hurt! Click Here to Register Now. Space Limited. Learn about Alabama post-foreclosure redemption rights, including:
  • What they are, who has them, and how long they last;
  • Efforts by Legislature to shorten or take away the right;
  • How you can preserve your rights;
  • How you might lose your rights;
  • How much it costs to redeem;
  • The truth about post-foreclosure permanent improvements;
  • How you determine the value of permanent improvements;
  • Buying note deficiency balances to deter redemption;
  • Critical deadlines in the redemption process;
  • Buying and selling rights of redemption;
  • Selling foreclosed real estate subject to a right of redemption;
  • Redemption bonds;
  • Fannie Mae restrictions regarding outstanding rights of redemption; and Keys for cash in which lenders buy your right of redemption after a foreclosure in order to clear up title.
Click Here to Register Now. Space Limited.

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